SC Audio DJ Mixer

Create Your Mixes as Though You were a DJ




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SC Audio DJ Mixer is an audio player in MP3 and WAV format with which you can create your own mixes and spend time pretending that you are a DJ.

The program was developed with an interface that simulates a stereo with a speaker on each side that has 2 tracks playing with all the buttons to complement the mix.

In the center you will have to set the playlist for each track and control the transitions from one track and another and you will be able to insert preset or your own sound loops.

Within the sector-specific effects, you can insert a gradual braking of the theme, repeat a loop of the song, change the speed of the subject, and so on. Besides, you can record in WAV format all the live session you want, and then listen to them whenever you want.

Now playing all your favorite songs like a DJ is an easy and fun!
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